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Teh decentralized crypto project born from Ryoshi’s dream of teh people for teh people & by teh people:

Babycaw is a decentralized DeFi project built on the ethereum blockchain (ERC20). It is inspired by the vision of Ryoshi (Founder of the $CAW & SHIBA) which is to achieve a truly decentralized and fully autonomous cryptocurrency project which is solely of teh people, by teh people and for teh people. This ideology is synonymous to what Abraham Lincoln himself envisioned for democracy which he defined as “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Our Vision

As we move further away from rigid social structures and traditional mindsets, we become free to discover new ways to solve problems and relate to one another. In a world ruled by the commodification of time, community-based projects are more than just a change of pace; they are a way to practice the radical acceptance of others. When success depends on the shared strength of the individuals who make up a collective, we are forced to shift our perspectives to align with those around us. The BabyCaw Ecosystem is our way of recognizing the importance of tearing down a long-established paradigm of a formulaic success and building a path to freedom and creativity in its place.

A community is held together by hundreds, if not thousands, of interconnected moments. By studying those drawn to our project, we realized that true power doesn’t come from a single perspective; it comes from working together in harmony. With that thought in our minds, we began developing the BabyCaw Ecosystem.


No matter how decentralized or community-driven any crypto project is, we believe it needs some use case to increase its relevance in the crypto space further. To that end, the community will choose the best and most relevant use cases that will be later adopted into the project.

The community is the bedrock of this project; that’s why we’ll all get to take this decision together. Babycaw is not just about one single entity or group of people; it’s about the entire community!


We sincerely believe in Ryoshi’s dream of a fully decentralized cryptocurrency. With reference to a popular quote, “For the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf,” we’re all a team; the entire community is the team. If we all come together to work on a goal, then there is truly no limit to what is achievable.

Trust & Transparency

Trust and accountability is a vital component of a decentralized society. That’s why we’ve taken measures to Audit our smart contract and do a KYC verification to ensure maximum transparency. We have taken some steps to protect our investors such as; we can’t pause trading, we can’t mint tokens, we can’t change max tx amount, we can’t set buy and sell fees higher than 10%. Please read the Audit for more detailed information about our contract.

KYC & Audit

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